Friday, March 26, 2010

Back on the Road winner revealed

We're not quite to halftime of the 2010 Mid-America Trucking Show, but I think I may have seen the highlight for this year. It will be difficult to top Arrow Truck Sales' reveal of the 2010 Back on the Road winner.

Owner-operator Robert Snyder of Dunnellon, FL, was announced Friday morning as this year's recipient. Robert was joined by his wife and daughter, who nominated her dad for Back on the Road.

As you could imagine, it was an emotional moment for the family and many others gathered to watch. Robert's story is a familiar tale during these tough economic times. During the past couple of years he has struggled to continue driving his 14-year old truck, which has nearly 1.5 million miles, while keeping up the family home and paying bills on time.

After the announcement, with an eye-catching 2007 Volvo VNL 670 to their backs, the Snyders watched arm-in-arm a video of their story. The promise of better days ahead was present on their joyful faces. An opportunity to remove much of the stresses experienced during the past couple of years is now a reality.

I cannot think of a better moment at this year's show.


  1. wow great deal thats what it is all about keeping family first his daughter really loves her daddy to nominate him this should be followed on the national news networks the american dream is alive and well

  2. God bless Arrow Truck Sales for helping Robert Snyder get back on the road. I know first hand how diffucult it can be to keep an ageing truck on the road with todays rates. God help us all if our borders are opened up to Mexican trucks.

  3. I think everyone can learn a lesson from this. Never give up no matter how much it seems impossible or 'too much'. Always have faith and continue to believe in your dreams. Best of Luck!

  4. Savannah Snyder-Winner's daughterMarch 29, 2010 at 2:40 PM

    I am the daughter who submitted my dad for this and I just wanted to let everybody know our story isn't unique, but it is the driver (my dad) who makes it unique. We all are going through hard times but it is the confidence you hold within yourselves to make it through and keep in mind that no matter what it is you have a God who at the end of the day is there when everybody else isn't. Life hurts but I've realized God heals and that is what I like to live by, "Life hurts but God heals." Keep your heart focused on a change.. because there IS a light at the end of the tunnel... faith takes me there every time and it will take you as well. Just believe that silent prayers get answered.. EVERY prayers does... God bless you all.. we are so thankful for all the sponsors and arrow truck sales for putting this together!!!