Friday, March 26, 2010

Top press award goes to Land Line editor

As State Legislator Editor, Keith Goble's everyday job consists of sending out OOIDA's constant messages of "be involved in the election process" and "know the issues" and "call your lawmaker with your input." In October 2008, with the nation at a crossroads and on the verge of the presidential election, Keith wrote "The Power of One," an article reminding voters that one vote could go a long way in determining the course. With fascinating historical documentation of actual cases, Keith's article debunks the excuse of "one vote can't do anything."

For this powerful article, Keith was honored last night in Louisville by the Truck Writers of North America. "The Power of One" earned him a gold award in the Public Service category, the Best of Magazine Writing division and -- over all other entries in this year's contest -- Keith's article was deemed the "Best of the Best." It's TWNA's top award.

In February 2000, Keith joined the Land Line staff as "staff support," which meant he did everything. A Mizzou grad with an English major, in no time Keith was writing some stories. In November of that year, he was promoted to staff writer. It was clear from the git-go that two areas hit the hot button for Keith: sports and legislative news. We don't have a sports desk but legislative news? Oh yeah! At first we split up the legislative watch between three writers, but eventually it all fell to Keith. In February 2004, he took over the state legislative desk.

As state legislative editor, he plans and writes the State Legislative Watch in each issue of Land Line, along with his analysis of state trends. Each week, he does a radio version of his state watch with Land Line Now's Reed Black on Sirius XM. Every day without fail, you can find at least two state legislative reports on the daily news that's posted on, and The Association's main Web site,, presents an excellent and always up-to-date state watch authored by Keith. He also works closely with OOIDA Executive VP Todd Spencer to monitor state legislative issues of utmost importance to truckers and to write and deliver Call to Action e-blasts to truckers in those states.

Keith's hefty workload is narrowly focused on the status of the state issues critical to professional truckers. His reports are not shocking, revealing or sexy. What we call "wow" reports rarely get assigned to Keith. But his steady stream of articles contain an underlying purpose that place them high on the must-read list. His impeccably researched information, his interviews with lawmakers, and his reliable interpretation of what these bills mean are enabling to our readers. They give truckers the knowledge needed to confidently contact lawmakers and to help shape the future of trucking.

Congratulations, Keith, on this prestigious achievement.


  1. Congratulations Keith! A true professional.

    D.J. DeBruyne

  2. This was a well-deserved award. You Go Dude