Thursday, March 25, 2010

Now it feels like show time!

The first official day of MATS is now under way. Most of the major press conferences are over and the real stars of the show - the truck drivers - have been pouring in all day.

I just spent the last hour at the Land Line Now booth in the North Wing lobby, meeting and greeting all kinds of great people. For starters, I met Lee and Jazzy Jordan for the first time face to face. I had interviewed both of them over the phone, but had never met them in person until a short while ago.

Jazzy is adorable, with a sweet disposition and a thousand-watt smile. She's very soft-spoken, which is just the opposite of most of the folks who stopped by our booth - not to mention most of the folks working there. It's a nice counterbalance.

Speaking of folks stopping by the booth, I just met OOIDA member and longtime Land Line Now caller Floyd Miller. Floyd is instantly recognizable by his distinctive Arkansas drawl and deep voice. Once I saw the name on the badge and confirmed it, I knew Mark would want to meet him.

Mark was in the midst of doing a segment with Rod Nofziger, so when it was over I had Floyd turn his badge around so Mark couldn't see the name. I was wondering if Mark would recognize the voice right away. He knew it sounded familiar, but couldn't quite place it. When I told him who it was, Mark gave the man a big bear hug and the two were still chatting away when I left to come back to the press room.

This is what the show is all about. Now it truly does feel like show time.

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