Thursday, March 25, 2010

Confessions of a shwag junkie

As much as I want to deny it, I can't. I like the shwag at MATS.

It is easy to make fun of the little kids scrambling for the treasures. It's fun to watch them smile from ear to ear when they score a light-up bouncy ball.

But a grown woman? It really is almost embarrassing.

I hide it as best I can. I blame some of my finds on needing to bring home stuff for my kids, for my colleagues holding down the fort back at the office.

I even keep a box of the stuff hidden so I can empty my bag and it looks like I only have a thing or two.

So this year I decided to go cold turkey. Not gonna pick up a pen, a lanyard, a notebook, nothing. If I didn't bring it, I don't need it.

Now here it is, less than half a day into the official first day of the show.

How am I doing?

It was a rough morning and when they taunted me with the offer of a free travel mug full of steaming hot coffee, I leapt off the wagon.

Oh well, while I’m there, I saw some ink pens in the West Wing I have to have.


  1. JJ: Its okay to fall off the wagon!! Just don't forget @KerryES back at the office holding down the fort!!

  2. I know the feeling. I swear off shwag from all the truck shows each and every year, but when I depart the premises my truck usual weighs 10 or 12 pounds more. Oh, well, it's just fun to collect all those trinkets even though most find their way to friends, relatives, or sometimes just the junk pile.

  3. I think you're going about this all wrong...
    ENJOY the shwag! SHARE the joy! CELEBRATE the junk! That notepad is going come in REAL handy a few months from now when you're on the phone, searching for something to scribble on, and that barking plush Mack Truck mascot puppy? Well, you can NEVER have too many of those. If you want to practice self-restraint, limit yourself to one bag-full... but revel in it. Do NOT be ashamed! (Remember: You paid good money to be there: you deserve it!)