Thursday, March 25, 2010

ThermoKing Blowing Cold and Hot

Minneapolis' ThermoKing today announced a battery-based APU system to power heating and cooling for truckers. The TriPacE Electric APU cooling phase is powered by four batteries. The truck's own batteries provide backup, and there is a shore-power hookup capability as well. Two Smart Charger control modules monitor two batteries each, oveseeing the charging, discharging and shutdown modes; in-cab controls allow the driver to dial in desired temp and warns when battery charge is almost exhausted. Heating is fuel fired, as it is in the company's established TriPac APU.

Cost is $8,500 and weight with battery pack is more than 300 pounds; By cutting the cost of idling for creature comfort to virtually nothing, the system can pay for itself in a couple of years or less, according to the company.

ThermoKing also introduced its T-1000 Spectrum multi-temp refrigeration unit for straight truck customers who need different temperature zones. The engine is designed to reduce particulates by 38 percent and CO by 54 percent over previous engines. A redesigned grille deflects noise upward and away from the cab for quieter operation - a boon to sleeping reefer haulers and their neighbors at trucks stops. The T-1000 has an electric standby option as well, dubbed SmartPower, which is available in both 230V and 460V configurations.


  1. $8,500 way to much

  2. I have yet to see a battery power cooling system work!Its is a shame you have to spend that kind of money to find out that these systems don't work.Been there done that.PROVE IT TO ME FIRST!Then maybe I will buy it.Thanks for your time.(Hummmm wonder if any body will respond or even read this?)