Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ice road truckers George and Alex are a hit

The roads of the far north are nothing but solid bumps, ridges and cracks during warmer months ... and all gravel. "They are so bad that if you want to get any speed goin', you gotta take your wallet out of your pocket and put it between your teeth."

That was the kind of frank fact and humor that truckers and others were treated to Saturday morning at the Paul K. Young Memorial truck beauty contest at MATS in Louisville. George Spears and Alex Debogorski of Ice Road Truckers fame were special guests at the trophy ceremony, compliments of Firestone. By the way, Alex is an OOIDA member.

In the first hour of the awards event, a ceremony that awards the winners of the PKY, competitors were thoroughly entertained by a superbly personalized slide show from George and Alex. The two spoofed, narrated, spoofed, chuckled and confessed (in some cases) their way through a collection of spectacular scenes of ice road trucking. Afterward, questions from the crowd ranged from maintenance queries to questions about the film crew.

Following George and Alex was hard, but the trophy presentations did not disappoint. Especially the rockin' fabulous trophies made by Carl Carstens and Rockwood. Watch this blog for details on the PKY winners -- happening soon.

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  1. Make a dream list: One season is all i ask..... PLEASE -O -PLEASE get me up on the ICED ROADS. I need more than my Colorado Mtn.